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@ishaqmasaryy @MaziNnamdiKanu @AngelaRayner @radiobiafralive @okafo_uche @Amaka_Ekwo @Uzu_Awka1 @Solomon_Egbo If you have a problem with election boycott of #nigeriadecides2019, please can explain Atiku's tweet below and the following gory details
Zion Supernatural Zion Supernatural
@FelixNonny @MaziNnamdiKanu @AngelaRayner @radiobiafralive @okafo_uche @Amaka_Ekwo @Uzu_Awka1 @Solomon_Egbo How fraudulent is a man who warned you about the dangers of Fulani herdsmen long ago? IPOB has been vindicated #nigeriadecides2019 #plateaumassacre #Amotekun
Jocathairsignatures Jocathairsignatures
The Difference is in the Quality Vietnamese donor Hair, just 1 set for the lucky owner Price: 120k Volume: 400grams Colour: Natural WhatsApp/Call: 08037325447 #nigeriafashionpolice #nigerianews #nigerianfood #nigeriadecides2019 #nigeriafood #nigeriancuisine #nigerianmusic
His Knowledgeable His Knowledgeable
ABACHA'S $322 MILLION (N122 BILLION) LOOT Ahead #NigeriaDecides2019, they claimed to 've SHARED $322MILLION (N122BILLION) #AbachaLoot to the poorest Nigerians. In this #COVIDー19 LOCKDOWN, that money would've been very useful now to help REAL POOR NIGERIANS, out of JOBS & BIZ.😢
Jay Gabriel Jay Gabriel
FFK: 930000+ Twitter followers Reno Omokri: 750000+ Kperogi: 50000+ Combined: 1730000 Add AIT's, Saraki's, Dino's, IPOB's. Yet, these "followers" couldn't help Reno during #NigeriaDecides2019 and "pastor" is still sore and throwing tantrums, one year after. #Ediots and bandwagon
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Muh'd Mala Tijjani Muh'd Mala Tijjani
#1Years_memory. Governor @KashimSM casts his vote at his polling unit in Lamisula - Jabbamari, Maiduguri, Borno State. #NigeriaDecides2019 #NextLevel Photos; @Sharksawn
Muh'd Mala Tijjani Muh'd Mala Tijjani
#1Years_memory. Governor @KashimSM also accompanied the All Progressives Congress (@APCNigeria) Guber Candidate, Engr @ProfZulum to his Bulamari Ward, Mafa LG where he cast his vote. #NigeriaDecides2019 #NextLevel Photos; @Sharksawn @SpokesmanBornoG,
Kimpact Development Initiative Kimpact Development Initiative
#EPTRevelation Unlike the #NigeriaDecides2015, 14 states filed more petition in 2019, 4 states filed lesser petitions in 2019, 11 states retained the number of petitions filed in respect to 2015 election and 7 states did not conduct election during the #NigeriaDecides2019.
Kimpact Development Initiative Kimpact Development Initiative
#EPTRevelation The only state where election was decided on the first Ballot in both #NigeriaDecides2015 and #NigeriaDecides2019 is Jigawa State. However, more states had the first ballot victory in #NigeriaDecides2015 than in #NigeriaDecides2019.
CDD West Africa CDD West Africa
@AbiodunEssiet @obyezeks @oaaigbe @YIAGA @HamzyCODE @jchitchen @Naijavote @HassanIdayat @MatthewTPage @womenfundng @FordFoundation @SituationRoomNg Nigeria’s population is estimated to be 200,923,640. Women form 49.4% of this figure, with a total of 99,180,412. However, female political representation in #NigeriaDecides2019 was negligible relative to the approximately half of the population they constitute.
CDD West Africa CDD West Africa
In 2019, 69 out of 2,970 women were elected after #NigeriaDecides2019. This number is a meagre 4.64% of elected officials, a decline of 1.01% in 2015. CDD calls for constitutional & electoral reform to increase women's participation. @NigeriaGov @MBuhari #ChangeWomenWant
Benson Olugbuo Ph.D. Benson Olugbuo Ph.D.
21% Nigerians polled reported that they were approached to receive money in exchange for their votes during #NigeriaDecides2019. #CorruptioninNigeria @UNODC @nigerianstat #Genderandcorruption #Votebuying @UNODCNigeria @unwomenNG

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